Vapor Car Stereo Cabling Basics

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As the car in the driving will produce a variety of frequency interference , on the car audio system of the sound environment has adverse effects, so the car audio system installation wiring put forward higher requirements.


1 , car audio wiring selection


• Car Stereo The smaller the resistance of the wire, the less power consumed on the wire, the higher the efficiency of the system. Even if the wire is very thick, due to the speaker itself will lose a certain amount of power, but not the efficiency of the entire system to achieve 100%.

• The smaller the resistance of the wire, the greater the damping coefficient and the larger the damping coefficient, the greater the excess vibration of the horn.

• The greater the cross section of The Wire ( thicker ), the smaller the Resistance , the greater the allowable current value of the line, the greater the power to allow output.

• options for power insurance


  The closer the safety box of the main power cord is to the car battery connector the better the insured value can be determined as follows:

  Insured Value =( The total amount of power amplifiers for the system and x2)/average of the power supply voltage of the vehicle


2 , cabling the audio signal cable


• use insulating tape or heat shrinkable tube to wrap the audio signal cable joint to ensure insulation, when contact with the car body, can generate noise.

• The keeps the audio signal cable as short as possible. The longer the audio signal line, the more vulnerable to the various frequency signals in the car interference. Note: If the length of the audio signal line cannot be shortened, the extra long portion is folded rather than rolled up.

• the cabling of the audio signal line is to be left at least 20cmfrom the circuit of the driving computer module and the power cord of the amplifier. If the wiring is too close, the audio signal line picks up the noise of the frequency interference. It is best to separate the audio signal line from the power cord between the driver seat and the copilot seat. Note that when close to the power cord, the microcomputer circuit wiring, the audio signal cable must leave them 20cm or more, if the audio signal cable and power cord need to cross each other, we recommend the best to intersect with 90° .


3 , cabling of power cords


• The current capacity value of the selected power cord should be equal to or greater than the value of the riser connected to the amplifier. If the lower standard wire is used as the power cord, the AC noise will be generated and the quality of the ring can be badly broken. The power cord may be hot and burning.

• when using a power cord to separate multiple power amplifiers, from the point of separation to the length of each amplifier wiring should be as much as possible. When the power cable bridge, each amplifier will appear between the potential difference, which will lead to AC noise, thus seriously damaging the quality. When the host directly from the power supply, will reduce noise, improve sound quality.

• thoroughly remove the dirt from the battery connector and tighten the connector. If the power connector is dirty or not tightened, the connector will be poorly contacted. The presence of a resistive resistor can lead to AC noise, which seriously destroys the sound quality. Remove the dirt from the joint with sandpaper and a thin , and rub the butter at the same time.

• when wiring in an automotive power system, avoid wiring around the generator and ignition devices, and the generator noise and ignition noise can radiate into the power cord. When the original installed spark plugs and spark plug cables replaced by high-performance type, ignition spark is stronger, at this time will be more likely to produce ignition noise.

• The principle of the in the body cloth power cord and cloth audio line is consistent.


4 , grounded methods


• use fine sandpaper to remove the paint from the body where it is located and fasten the grounding wire. If the residual paint between the body and the grounding end will cause contact resistance. Similar to the aforementioned dirty battery connectors, the contact resistance leads to the generation of AC noise, which seriously destroys the sound quality.

• The grounding of the audio equipment in the sound system is focused. If they are not concentrated in a little grounding, the potential difference between the components of the sound will lead to noise generation. Note: The host and amplifier should be grounded separately.

• when the system consumes a large current, the battery grounding end must be solid. The way to improve the power supply grounding performance is to use coarse diameter wire wiring between the power supply and grounding, such as stranded wire. This strengthens the connection, effectively suppresses noise and improves sound quality.

• do not close to the traffic computer wiring. Keep in mind that when the host is located close to the grounding point or fixed point of the driving computer, the computer noise will be generated.


  The wire and audio wires in the car should be added to the car's special condom tube.

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