What are the differences between car MP3 and car MP4 and carMP5

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What are the differences between car MP3 and car MP4 and car MP5

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1 , car MP3 is a MP3 player with universal vehicle wiring standards. You can play MP3,wma , and so on to compress standard audio files.

2 , car MP4is a standard video file that can play Mp4,divx,RM , in addition to playing MP3 audio files. How many formats can be supported depends on the master chip and software. Many formats are supported.

3 ,MP5 algorithms developed by some domestic vendors MPEG Layer 5 audio and video files with video and audio capabilities, in addition to being able to play MP3,MP4 , can also play the MP5 of compressed files and satellite digital mobile TV, can play network content, etc., in fact, the market's MP5 are domestic manufacturers to work out and did not unify the development of international standards, and did not like the MP3, MP4 Same as the patent has the formulation and promotion of international standards.

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