Audio equipment maintenance and use of 10 major points

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here are many fans do not know how to maintain audio equipment, there are many users are also some, there are some basic knowledge of common sense, there are many improper use of audio equipment scrapped it is not unusual, so I give you the following To some common sense questions.

First, the temperature: sound equipment normal operating temperature range 18 ℃ -45 ℃. Temperature is too high, easy to burn components, even if it will not burn out, it will premature aging; low temperature will lead to some of the flexibility of the machine. In the summer to pay special attention to the temperature in this area.

Second, sound equipment should avoid direct sunlight, but also to prevent close to heat sources, such as heaters.

Third, before switching on the sound power, be sure to pay attention to the amplifier volume potentiometer spin value minimum, so that it can effectively protect the amplifier and speakers. At this point power amplification amplifier is simply zero, if in the wrong operation will not be harmful to the speaker.

Fourth, the sound equipment used up, the function keys to reset. If the function key is not reset for a long time, its pull button spring is in a state of stress for a long time, it is easy to form a functional failure.

Fifth, the machine should be used. Commonly used to extend the life of the machine, such as some with motor parts (recording block, CD player, laser disc player, etc.). If the long-term does not rotate, the local parts will be deformed.

Sixth, the boot from front to back, that is to open the CD player, and then open the previous level and after the power amplifier volume potentiometer spin to the minimum. Turn off the first power amplifier, so that the amplifier completely shut down, then you turn off the front-end equipment, no matter how large impact current will not produce seedlings and amplifiers and speakers. Turn off the power amplifier volume potentiometer to the minimum when the same shutdown.

Seventh, regular electricity. In the long-term non-use of the situation, especially in humid, high temperature season, the best power for half an hour a day. This can be applied to the machine when the heat generated by components to get rid of moisture, to prevent the internal coil, speaker coil, transformers and other moisture mildew broken.

Eighth, from time to time to use a clean, damp soft cotton cloth to wipe the machine appearance; when not in use, use a dust cover or cloth to cover the machine to avoid dust inside.

Ninth, from the principle of electronics, any electronic equipment in the working state should not be charged or disconnected other devices, which I would like to understand without too much clarification, charged plug the active device is very large Risks, and even passive devices such as microphones, do not promote live dialing. Demand tips are do not open the amplifier to pick up the speaker line, the speaker terminal spacing are very close, the speaker line is two tightly parallel, the wiring is often not careful when the speaker wire short circuit, the result Will be burned amplifier. Although some amplifiers have short-circuit protection, some HI-FI pure amplifiers often eliminate this maintenance measure in order to enhance the sound quality and reduce unnecessary noise. Therefore, "shut down and then wiring," this sentence has become a fan must pay attention to the one.

Tenth, people who know the audio equipment maintenance in the amplifier when the heat will not open a large volume, it will not put some music overflow, because the beginning of the amplifier components at the beginning of a cold state, if at this time to make it a large current Work will shorten its life. So just opened the audio equipment within half an hour, just put some soft music and listen to music at a moderate volume, such as the machine after warm-up