Car audio conversion before you need to know about six o'clo

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1. Safety: During the process of dismounting, the original car line can not be damaged and a short circuit can be caused. When the equipment is installed, the line can not be connected to the wrong line, and the wrong connection can have adverse consequences. The installation of equipment to be insured, or prone to fire. Car audio circuit can not interfere with the computer and electronic devices in the car, otherwise there will be failure. Must have a professional training of personnel installed in order to ensure safety.



2. disassembly skills: car audio process, the first car to remove the original car, disassemble whether the skill is the fundamental problem of conversion, because the dashboard is now the surface can not see the screws, so you need to pry open the decoration Parts can see the screws, the demolition process requires professional and strict, otherwise easy to dismantle. The second step, the need for wiring, changing the speaker, it is necessary to disassemble the door, door, dashboard, seats, decorative plates, etc., in the disassembly process to have special tools, to keep the original intact, otherwise it will not Beautiful and noise and other issues.



3 is the product is not qualified: There are many counterfeit brand-name equipment on the market now, be sure to distinguish between the purchase, or endless trouble. Some low-cost equipment, the appearance can not see the quality problems, but the internal components are used with poor quality, the circuit design does not meet the standards, the sound quality of this equipment is not good, it is prone to failure, Even spontaneous combustion. Be sure to buy the store authorized by the manufacturer, to be assured of use.




4. How sound quality: not to buy brand-name products must be good to hear, brand-name plant products are also divided into high, medium and low-grade, buy high-grade not necessarily good to hear, the most fundamental is to be a professional system with the installation and commissioning to Good effect. Not a few lines casually connected to the trouble, the sound field positioning, the phase can not be wrong, otherwise the result would be unthinkable.




5. Taking into account the after-sales service yet: car audio is used in sports, the environment is hostile. Such as: temperature, humidity, vibration, dust, etc., easy to sound a variety of faults, maintenance, warranty and maintenance is a very important issue. Cheaper to buy parallel imports, refurbished machines, clearance products, stealing machines, warranty card is fake, there is no after-sales service, once the damage needs repair or scrapped, it is not worth it. Now stores are not necessarily expensive equipment sold, there are many good cost-effective equipment, you can enjoy a good after-sales service, why not.




6. Equipment Environment: Some shops are installed in the open air operations, staff uniforms dirty, the sound is installed, but the interior of the car and the car's exterior is dirty. Bought a new car for audio is a good thing, but many adverse consequences, is a sad thing.

Professional shop is operating indoors, its benefits are:

(1) clean, to ensure clean inside and outside the car.

(2) Unaffected by temperature, the plastic parts are easily damaged when the temperature is too low.

(3) Not affected by the weather, the wind and rain can work normally.

(4) because of lighting, so day and night can work.

(5) The customer has a good lounge.