How to buy car DVD navigation video system

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How to buy car DVD navigation video system

Increasing complexity of urban roads, novice car DVD navigation installed proportion is also increasing, nearly 40% of new car owners have to install the car DVD navigation needs. How to buy a suitable car DVD navigation video system? We can start from the following points:

First, the sound quality

DVD is used to play music, so sound quality is very important. Therefore, before buying a DVD, be sure to ask the front of the DVD drive output is a few "V", or this machine and other DVD players for sound quality contrast. If the sound quality of DVD player and CD player sound quality than a high, then do not worry.

Second, the image and DVD machine dosing

DVD screen with analog screen and digital HD screen two. The analog screen pixels are generally 240 × 240 pixels or 480 × 240 pixels, while the high-definition screen are generally 800 × 480 pixels or higher. In addition, a good DVD is the use of dual-drive volume, that is, DVD, CD drive two.

Third, the accuracy of the electronic map

Electronic map is the basic and core part of car navigation application. Professional certification and detailed data volume are the basic elements that it should have. Therefore, the majority of car owners should first check the "origin" of the electronic map when they purchase navigation products. Relevant person in charge of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping introduced: Electronic map and the travel safety of the owner is closely related to some of the pirated electronic map error painted painted missing, will bring trouble to the owner travel. After checking out the source of the electronic map, but also test the content of the electronic map. Professional, detailed navigation Electronic map in addition to higher accuracy, but also can provide a detailed map of the national road network and major cities.

Fourth, product performance

Because GPS car navigation products are used in automobiles, they are required to be technically and qualitatively adapted to the harsh environment of automobiles and have the characteristics of earthquake resistance and high temperature resistance. At present, the car navigation products are used to store the mainstream media such as electronic maps and other related data information, mainly including SD cards and optical discs. In the car driving, due to the impact of road conditions and other external factors, easy to scratch the disc, resulting in the map can not accurately read the information; and SD card as the media navigation card slot design, high stability, so the seismic performance than Good, in a relatively harsh automotive environment, to protect the electronic map data security, so more user acceptance. In the media selection, the owner can choose according to their needs, if it is often traveling in poor conditions of the environment, it is recommended that owners choose to use the SD card car navigation products.

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